Going Premium – PORN Just Got Better For Hardcore Downloaders

For anyone who has been watching the porn market astutely, it’s obvious which direction quality porn sites are all headed. PORN.com is perhaps the most famous adult sex video domain of all time, and when it was purchased years ago for 9 Million bucks, the company that owned it made it into a massive member site that you needed to pay to join. Then they evolved and became one of the very first sites to start giving away full porn videos for free. That spiked their popularity and now they are one of the biggest sites on the entire internet, for porn or anything else. So, what’s next for their site?

If you check out their HD Premium page you can see that they are now offering a big batch of VIP features for premium members that the casual porn viewers can’t access. The site becomes 100% ad free, lets you finally watch the videos in the full HD size and bitrate they were supposed to be seen with and best of all everything on the site becomes downloadable!

Free is a swinging pendulum that goes back and forth online. Things started off with everything requiring payments, and that sucked because a lot of what was being sold on many porn sites wasn’t actually worth buying. Then it swung really far the other way and suddenly almost everything was free… but as people are now figuring out, almost everything isn’t quite as good as absolutely everything. Now, finally the pendulum is getting back toward the center, where lower quality versions of stuff can be found for free, and sites like PORN.com are pumping out really high quality premium services like porn downloads with a very small discount plan that gives you full access to everything on the site!